Best Interac Betting Sites in Canada 2024

Interac Betting Sites

Interac betting sites are among the top options when choosing gambling sites. Interac is a payment method that is both safe and reliable. It’s the oldest payment service in Canada and allows you to transfer funds directly between bank accounts at enhanced speed than a regular bank transfer. It brings the online gaming experience full circle because you can use it for deposits and withdrawals, so it’s no wonder many bettors love to bet with sportsbooks and casinos that accept Interac. In this guide, we will look at what the best Interac betting sites are and show you why you should use them.

This payment method is Canada-specific, though, which is the primary drawback for US bettors. Interac is often compared against rival Trustly, and the latter is available in the States.

We love Interac betting sites just as much as the next sports bettor and have compiled this guide to bring all there is to know about it. The Canadian market has long been an avid gambling hub, but only state-owned operators and offshore sites were available for the longest time. A few months ago, Ontario launched its legal online gambling market. So in the province, there are now many locally licensed independent operators. With plenty of legal online gambling options available, you’ll want to know how to begin your Interac betting experience up in the Great White North.

💳Interac Payment
Payment methodInterac
Payment typeDirect banking
Established in1984
ServicesInterac Debit Payments, Interac Online, Interac e-transfer, etc.
WithdrawalsYes (e-transfer only)
LimitsDepends on bank
Accepts CADYes
Supporting banks250+, including Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), TD Canada Trust, ScotiaBank, Bank of Montreal (BMO), etc.
Alternative payment methodVisa, Mastercard, iDebit, Insta Debit, ecoPayz, Much Better, eCheck, etc.

CA Sportsbooks Accepting Interac Payments

Interac is Canada’s leading payment solution. There are plenty of products from this financial provider, including debit card payments, cash withdrawals, online banking, e-transfers, etc. Interac e-transfer and Interac Online are the most common ones among sports betting sites, and you’ll be able to use these methods at our top CA sportsbook:

We’ve sifted through the operators currently live in Canada and picked those that are licensed and trustworthy with fantastic betting odds and reliable customer service, among other features. In Ontario, the relevant regulatory body is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

How We Rate Interac Betting Sites

The payment methods used at the sportsbook are crucial to your experience, and Interac easily crushes the competition. Its widespread popularity shows it’s doing something right, and from this review, you’ll learn that there are quite a lot of advantages.

More than 35 legal casinos and sportsbook sites are available for gamblers in Canada, and since these operators have gained approval from the individual provinces, they are all legitimate options. But you can’t exactly play at all of them, can you? It’d be an arduous task even if you could. That’s why we’ve done the grunt work. And to ensure we recommend only the best online casinos and sportsbooks, we’ve rated them using a set of unbiased assessment criteria. Below are the main aspects we focus on:


It goes without saying that an Interac betting site should accept Interac. Fortunately, as a Canadian sports bettor, you won’t be hard-pressed to find this option. Both punters and operators love this payment method and there’s an Interac bookmaker at every corner on the legal Canadian online gambling scene.

Flexible Limits

Interac e-transfer often allows deposits and withdrawals at online betting sites. Beyond the accessibility, we consider how convenient the limits are for these transactions. Sports bettors like to have a lot of flexibility, and this translates to low deposit minimums and high withdrawal maximums. The best Interac sites should allow you to deposit as low as $10 with this method.

Safety and Support

Safety, where online gambling is concerned, is defined by adequate licensing and security protocols. So the best sportsbooks or online casinos should not only be licensed but also have standard SSL encryption to safeguard personal financial information.

Customer support is also indispensable. It’s often a neglected aspect of many platforms, so having robust customer service shows that the sportsbook is worth its salt. There should be multiple contact methods, including live chat, email, telephone, etc. Round-the-clock support is optimal, and the support agents should be knowledgeable on betting-related matters and friendly when communicating with users.

Welcome Bonuses

There’s no better way to kick off your online gambling than with welcome bonuses. These new customer offers allow you to play your favourite games and earn free cash, and since we love bonuses just as much as the next sports bettor, we’ve compiled our top Interac betting sites based on what we’ve confirmed to be the best welcome bonuses. These offers are attractive and have reasonable wagering requirements so that you can play through them quickly.

Games Variety & Betting Coverage

Not every Interac casino has an abundance of slots, table games and liver dealer games. Some online casinos excel in one category with only slim offerings on others. Players often want access to an extensive catalogue that’s also diverse. Quantity is not all we consider. We also look out for a good balance with quality, so our recommended casinos will have a range of games from leading software companies.

The same goes for your sports betting needs. You’ll want the chance to bet on same-game parlays, futures and in-play. The best sites will cover lines across plenty of popular and niche markets. You should be able to bet on major sports leagues or your favourite regional teams.

Mobile App

Sports betting apps offer greater gaming convenience, and the presence of dedicated software is a major plus for any online sportsbooks we review. The compatibility and usability of the app also matter. The best sportsbooks will have software for iOS and Android users, and these mobile apps should deliver a highly responsive interface and seamless betting at the swipe of a finger.

Interac Overview & History

Interac is the oldest online banking service in Canada. Made for Canadians, by Canadians, this financial company has been providing payment services since 1984. At Inception, the non-profit Interac Association was formed as a coalition of multiple financial institutions. The goal was to provide shared cash dispensing for customers, and from there, the first electronic payment network was introduced.

Since then, Interac has been integral in shaping Canada’s payment infrastructure and providing comprehensive solutions for both consumers and businesses. First came Interac Debit, followed by peer-to-peer electronic payments with Interac e-Transfer. Interac Online was later launched as a boon to e-commerce, and with consistent technological advancement, the company has continuously released new features.

This payment service has made it possible to withdraw cash from ABMs anywhere in Canada, send money instantly and make mobile payments directly from your bank account. Interac partners with over 250 financial institutions across the country, both banks and credit unions. As long as you have a Canadian bank account with any of the participating financial institutions, you can begin betting with Interac.

Benefits of Using Interac Betting Sites

Playing at a betting site that accepts Interac has many advantages, several of which stem from the payment method itself. Interac is Canada’s leading payment solution, having processed over 6 billion transactions and counting. Why the widespread popularity? Because it’s got all the basics down. It excels in three major aspects bettors look for in gambling payment methods – speed, safety, and fees.


This is one of the most convenient payment methods at online sports betting sites because of the speed of transactions. Interac e-transfers support two-way payments, so you can make speedy Interac deposits and withdrawals. Although this payment system promises fast withdrawals, you have to factor in the processing time from the casino. The best sites will approve your payout request within 24 to 48 hours, and you should be credited soon after. This is much faster than most alternative payment methods.


A salient feature of Interac is safety. Since introducing the EMV chip technology, Interac has made it safer to pay. On the online front, the company has strengthened its financial safeguards with the following:

  • Encryption protocol
  • Fraud detection
  • Two-step authentication

Interac uses SSL encryption to process data securely. It also protects against counterfeiting, transaction replay, electronic pickpocketing and other fraudulent activity. When making online purchases, you don’t have to give financial information to the merchant since you’ll be redirected to the server where you can authorize transactions directly from your bank. The 2FA includes your login details and a security question/answer or biometrics and passcode verification for mobile payments.


A good thing about Interac bookmakers is that they rarely charge fees. Many top online sports betting sites will allow you to deposit and withdraw for free. Should you encounter any charge from the sportsbook, it’ll be a very small amount.

Here are some other advantages of Interac online gaming sites:

  • Make transactions directly in CAD
  • No need to create an Interac account
  • Debit payment model helps you stay out of debt
  • Excellent support service for bettors in Canada

Interac isn’t flawless, but the drawbacks of this payment method are pretty light. Firstly, Interac is specific to Canada, so sports bettors outside the country can’t access it. If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’re a Canadian bettor, so this is not a hindrance.

The second con is that not every Canadian bank supports the service. However, most bank or credit union institutions across the provinces are a part of the scheme, including all the popular ones. So once again, chances are you already have a Canadian bank account that does support Interac.

How to Deposit at an Interac Sportsbook

Interac betting apps

Interac e-transfer is the go-to method for Canadian bettors, and email money transfers characterize this payment solution. With the e-transfer option, your banking credentials remain undisclosed to third parties since you’ll be logging in through online banking. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Create a sports betting account with any Interac sportsbooks recommended on our list
  2. Head to the Deposit section and Select Interac
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  4. Select your bank or credit union from the financial institutions provided
  5. For Interac Online: you’ll be redirected to your bank’s login page to confirm the transaction.
  6. For Interac e-transfer: you’ll be shown a recipient email address and a security question and answer. Log into your online banking portal and enter the details provided.
  7. Complete the transaction.

Also, bear in mind that you cannot cancel Interac e-transfer payments. You should cross-check the recipient details before you send. Erratic transfers will be returned to the sender if the recipient enters the incorrect security answer on three tries or if the funds remain unclaimed for 30 days.

Interac betting limits

How to Withdraw from an Interac Sportsbook

Withdrawing from a sportsbook is possible with Interac e-transfer, and the process is quite similar to making deposits. Gambling sites usually employ a closed-loop payment system as an anti-fraud security measure. So withdrawals are processed back to the same method used to deposit money, by default.

If you’ve made an Interac deposit, withdrawing with this method should be even easier. Your sportsbook account details will become the beneficiary details, and the necessary information includes your email address, first name, last name, and phone number. You can log into your online banking portal and accept the transaction from there.

Processing Times and Fees

A regular bank transfer could take up to 5 business days to clear. Interac is a payment intermediary that serves to cut down these extended bank processing times, so all you’ll have to worry about is the sportsbook’s own payout procedure. Interac transfers are designed to be instant, but, depending on your bank or credit union, delays of up to 30 minutes may occur.

Another benefit of this payment method is its low-cost nature. This is not just because of the company’s efforts to be accessible but also because there’s no maintenance required on the part of users. You don’t have to register for an account with Interac, so you’re not supporting the service; the bank is.

However, the supporting bank may charge a fee for using Interac services. This may apply to individual transactions or as a periodical fee like ABM card charges on your account. Canadian banks that accept Interac payments also apply different transaction limits, which you can easily confirm with your bank’s customer service.

Interac Products for Betting Online

Interac betting banks

Interac is a payment service for everyone – consumers, businesses, and of course, bettors. The company has a range of products it has released and perfected throughout the years to cater to different financial needs, whether physical or virtual, personal or organizational.

Interac Debit

Interac Debit Payments launched in the 1990s, and before the decade’s end, Canadians would become the highest debit card users in the world. These debit cards are useful at point-of-sales across Canada and several retail locations in the US. Interac Cash and Interac Flash are extensions of Interac Debit. The former permits cash withdrawals from ABMs with the Interac logo, while the latter allows you to pay simply by holding your debit card up to a POS terminal enabled for Interac Flash. You may also be able to use your Interac debit card if an online sports betting site doesn’t accept e-transfer.

Interac Online

Interac Online came in 2007 as a way to further e-commerce transactions using debit cards. This is a safe and easy option to fund your online sportsbook account. It’s often only available as a gambling deposit method.

Interac e-transfer

The Interac e-transfer option was launched in 2003 as the company’s direct banking solution for peer-to-peer transactions. With this product, users can transfer money directly from their bank account to the merchant’s bank account. It facilitates email money transfers where you don’t have to reveal your bank details.

Play at Interac Betting Sites Today!

Interac online betting sites are licensed, safe and secure, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t play at these sites. Although there are plenty of online payments you can use when betting online, few are as reliable as Interac. You can confirm which financial institutions accept Interac, and if your bank is one of them, you’ll be able to take advantage of this service.

It’s an excellent deposit method and an equally trustworthy withdrawal solution. With Interac, there are no stopovers. Your funds go straight from your bank account to the merchant’s, and transactions are fast and mostly free of charge.

When playing at the best Interac sports betting sites, you not only enjoy the benefits of the payment service. You also enjoy other fantastic online gaming features, such as competitive odds, rich bonuses, and plenty of betting markets.


  • Is Interac an e-wallet?

    Interac is best described as a gateway for financial transactions. It's not an e-wallet where you can store funds. Instead, you can only access it through a participating financial institution that accepts Interac.

  • Are Interac online payments safe?

    Yes. Interac is a safe and secure option for a wide range of e-commerce transactions in Canada, including online gambling. The company uses SSL encryption and fraud detection technology. Transactions are further safeguarded by two-factor authentication. With e-transfer, your bank login and a security question/answer are required.

  • Can I withdraw with Interac?

    Yes. Bettors can withdraw winnings to their bank accounts using Interac e-transfer. The e-transfer service is the only way to perform two-way Interac transactions at an online betting site that accepts the option.